Since entering my 30s, I’ve struggled with the idea of getting older more than ever before. In just one year, the switch flipped from youthful-20s to welcome-to-your-30s. It’s amazing.

This decade comes with a built-in excuse for not working out as often and a universal acceptance of just being less active overall. Oh, you binge-watched Netflix last night while consuming a bottle of wine and an entire pizza? That’s ok, you’re in your 30s, you were probably tired and needed it.

Y’all, this is a steep slope to start down. I’ve heard people using the “I’m older now” excuse as young as 25 and without so much as a flinch when they say it. Have I used it? Absolutely. How often do you get a free pass to Malbec and melted cheese? (And why wouldn’t you take it?) But I refuse – REFUSE – to fully embrace this idea. The idea that getting older slows you down, makes getting in shape harder.

Is getting in shape hard? Yup. And the more you wait and lay on that couch, the harder it’s going to get. (I learned that first-hand between 2013-2015.) But I don’t believe getting older makes you less fit or active, because I’ve watched my Dad prove it wrong over and over again.

Dad is an amazing athlete, and someone I admire more than words could ever describe. He’s an avid runner, not to mention almost every morning spent in the pool and evenings on his bike. At my fittest, he still runs circles around me. This man is my personal, constant reminder of what I can do, no matter what age.

A quote from my Dad, who lives by this daily: “Someday I won’t be able to do this anymore, but not today.”

This blog is dedicated to him.

Whatcha think?

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