It’s a new season


I blinked and somehow missed the past year. It feels like it went by so fast, and then when I stop and reflect, there are so many memories and events that marked 2016 as one of the best and hardest years so far. From celebrating the birth of my niece to sleepless, worried nights, it was a roller coaster of a year.

So, without further delay, how’s 2017 shaping up?

2017 Resolutions

  • Continue to live with intention and always try to find purpose.
  • Focus on health and fitness.
    • I began building strength in 2016. I’ll continue that in 2017 and bring cardio/running back to priority one.
  • Work / Life balance. This is my ongoing struggle, but I can’t stumble through it anymore. I must find this balance; no longer live with a thin margin (even if that means giving up some things).
  • Family is a bigger priority.
    • Visit more. Listen more.
    • Be a better wife and support him however I can.
    • Be the best Fur Mama I can be.
  • Learn something new.
  • Spend less, save more.
  • Write, write, write! (And read!)
  • Be good to myself.
  • Grant myself room to grow and grace to fall.

2016 Recap & Highlights

  • Fitness focus (as Oprah says, “let’s make this the year of our best body”).
    • Now that all the extra weight is off, I want to rebuild the strength lost over the past 2 years.
    • Get my training mile pace back to the 8:40 range and run a 5K in less than 27 minutes.

I held on to 50% of this one. While I grew stronger overall, my pace never got back to 8:40/mile. 

  • Live with intention and purpose.
    • Continue the personal growth I started in 2014 and have built on through 2015. Good things are happening, people!

I held onto this as much as possible in 2016. While I wasn’t always successful, overall I feel like I stayed true to this.

  • Be an awesome auntie!

I tried, but I don’t feel like I was as awesome as I should have been. In 2017, I’m going to continue and try even harder.

  • Keep writing! While my personal journals saw no improvement, I’m proud to say my blogging in 2015 was significantly better than any year before. (No month-long hiatuses.)

I did a lot better in 2016, but fell off in the fall/winter (lots of personal things and holidays happening…) 

  • Read more. So much more. I have books and magazines just waiting for my attention, and I want to read them all.

Yep, nope, this didn’t happen. Those books and magazines are still waiting for my attention.

  • Start and complete at least six DIY projects at the house (big and small).

Did I make six…

  1. Desk
  2. Painted den and foyer
  3. Added board and batten in the first floor bath; painted it (twice)
  4. Revitalized a Singer sewing machine base 
  5. Completed our deck (stain)
  6. Painted our new shed (not as fun a project, but it still took some elbow grease, so it counts!)
  • Be good to myself.

I tried. And will continue trying in 2017.

Celebrated 3 years of marriage with this guy. I couldn’t do this without you, sweet!
Adopted a black German Shepherd boy named Mav. Look at that sweet face on “Gotcha Day” – Oct 11 (6 lbs.)
Mav 2 months later at Christmas (36 lbs. and growing fast!)
Ran my first half-marathon in a year. PR’d by almost 3 minutes.
Competed in my first crossfit competition. It was definitely a learning experience.
Continued crossfit for an entire year (and counting).
Completed my first Tough Mudder (10 miles and 20+ obstacles).

It’s here!


The past year has been a rollercoaster of events, emotions, good things, bad things, new things, old things… definitely a benchmark year. In 2016, I learned a lot about myself, my family and my friends – all of which have brought us closer.

I’m excited for the next year and all of the wonderful things it will bring. The annual BNT recap will follow soon, but – in the meantime – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay safe and happy!

Motivation Monday

First step

When my Dad and I talk about starting a new sport or workout, I always lament about how in shape I used to be and how hard it’s going to be to get into the routine. Then, he reminds me of the Lao Tzu quote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

There are always multiple paths in life. If you aren’t happy on one, you should look for another. And I’m not talking about making major life changes (unless that’s what you need), but small adjustments that bring you happiness or fulfillment.

Even the small adjustments can bring challenges, though. That is when this quote rings strongest in my thoughts. I spent two years trying to take that first step after a fitness hiatus and it really sucked. But six months later, I’ve found forward momentum and am well on my way to the thousand mile mark.

First steps (even the small ones) can sometimes be hard, but help you make the greatest leaps forward.