The Simple Rules

After months of minimal time off, I find myself in the middle of a ten-week travel block.

We went on a week-long vacation to Mexico in early May, followed closely by a long weekend at the beach with family later in the month. This weekend affords us a bit of a breather at home before we set out on separate trips the first weekend of June, then attend a wedding at the end of the month.

Finally, we have one more trip planned in July to round out the summer.

All this travel gives me too many easy opportunities to splurge on food and beverages. I finished more than one decadent dessert during our Mexican getaway, rationalizing that it was ok since we were on vacation. Then, a week or so later, I used a similar reason to justify my drinks on the family beach trip.

Time to hit the reset button, y’all, and recommit to a decent workout routine by following some easy guidelines.

3 simple rules

The word “simple” is what makes this great, because while they are pretty short and to the point, following all three is the big challenge (especially that first one).

And before you mention it, yes, I realize I’ve already messed it up for this week by missing Monday. The damage is done, there’s nothing we can do. Just let it go.

But I will workout at least 3 times this week and I won’t go more than 2 days in between. My last workout was Sunday, so I’m on track for keeping the days between workouts rule alive.

Abiding by these rules while traveling, will help me maintain through the busy summer season. Then I can regroup once we’re home again and get back into the normal routine (still following these rules, of course).

Also on the horizon: a modified Whole 30 in June. Stay tuned!


Happy Cinco de Mayo from Mexico!

Hey, y’all! I’m only here to make you jealous. This week, my +1 and I are relaxing on a beach in paradise. But don’t worry, I’ve planned at least two runs while we’re here. I love running in new places and hate to pass up the opportunity to run in a different country. I promise to share all the fun stories.

In the meantime, here’s a small taste of paradise. Cheers!

Mex1 Mex2

All out of wax


R2D2 says it all.

Just checking in since I’ve been a bit absent lately. It isn’t for lack of blog ideas, but more lack of time to write them or even workout for that matter.

Real talk: life has a flame-thrower on both ends of my candle and I’m running out of wax.

Last week was a struggle to hit my 5 workouts, few of them with the intensity needed to truly be beneficial. This week has been worse, with my first “workout” logged last night and I’m really stretching to call it that.

But I’m trying, I’m not letting life re-arrange my priorities for me. I started a 10 day food challenge with my gym on Tuesday, which has been a blessing. Usually, when life gets to this point, I eat my feelings and that includes anything edible my hand touches. So, to have Whole30-style restrictions during the peak of the crazy has been great. (Especially with what seems to be a never-ending supply of Girl Scout cookies in the office kitchen.)

I will return. Saturday is my reset day; a day I’m hoping will have plenty of sunshine and exercise, and no screens. Look for some fresh, motivating content next week.

And thanks for sticking with me the past few weeks.

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