Motivation Monday

First step

When my Dad and I talk about starting a new sport or workout, I always lament about how in shape I used to be and how hard it’s going to be to get into the routine. Then, he reminds me of the Lao Tzu quote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

There are always multiple paths in life. If you aren’t happy on one, you should look for another. And I’m not talking about making major life changes (unless that’s what you need), but small adjustments that bring you happiness or fulfillment.

Even the small adjustments can bring challenges, though. That is when this quote rings strongest in my thoughts. I spent two years trying to take that first step after a fitness hiatus and it really sucked. But six months later, I’ve found forward momentum and am well on my way to the thousand mile mark.

First steps (even the small ones) can sometimes be hard, but help you make the greatest leaps forward.


With your heart

Happy Camel Day, everyone.

I had a different idea planned for this quote, but with everything that has happened recently, it’s taken on another meaning.

I’m sorry for the dark period over the past week and a half. As I’m sure you know, our nation has experienced a handful of tragic and shocking events. As the wife of a law enforcement officer, these have hit very close to home and I’ve been taking the past week or so to support him and sort through my own thoughts and emotions.

Running and working out have been my saving graces. Even on the days my head was literally spinning with emotion, my heart kept my feet moving. I don’t remember much from those runs, except for the constant working and reworking of thoughts. They were short and on familiar routes and did more good than I could have ever imagined.